Building The CPG Brain Trust: Becoming We-Centric

In the CPG Industry, does trust really matter? The answer is unequivocally, yes! Trust matters more than anything!

Too often, we see CPG customers and suppliers as separate. Just as we often see management and employees as separate.

In reality, they are all part of a larger system of colleagues working together to create positive business results. The challenge for you as a CPG Professional is to understand how to create mutual trust through the way you communicate with your colleagues every day.

Our ability to communicate openly, with candor and caring, determines the quality of the connectivity between us as individuals, teams and organizations. While we do not always talk about our fears of speaking up candidly, we feel it.

Knowing where we stand as CPG Professionals is vital to our success. When we feel we are on the outside, it negatively impacts our performance. We start acting strangely-we protect, we hide, we defend – all because we feel we are being rejected.

When we feel we are part of the team, we increase our productivity and growth. We are more strategic, insightful and sustain trust. We are less judgmental.

Creating the space for open and non-judgmental conversations is a WE-centric skill. It’s about building a new CPG Brain Trust.

Brain science research continues to prove that our brains function best when we’re engaged in meaningful We-centric conversations. These We-centric conversations, as organizational anthropologist and author Judith Glaser states, move us from less surface what I can do into deeper conversations of what we can do together. They promote co-creation, mutual gain, growth and understanding and healthier brains as well as longer lives. And they lead to highly successful CPG Companies.

Think about your daily work.

Now think about your CPG Company.

Next, think about the co-creating collaborative conversations that you can introduce in your company to create a stronger WE-centric workplace after attending Judith Glaser sessions at F4SS Connect 2017.

Lauren Wilson