Creating Organizational Consensus for Contract Manufacturing

Brian Slobodow, Operating Executive, Golden Gate Capital, shares the extraordinary journey of Johnson & Johnson’s transition to Contract Manufacturing, and how other organizations can create an organizational consensus for contract manufacturing.

It was perhaps one of the largest outsourcing efforts in consumer products today.

Back in 2004, Brian Slobodow was leading external manufacturing for J&J. “We made a strategic move to outsource over 100 million units of toiletries to a series of contract manufacturers,” said Brian to an attentive crowd at F4SS Connect.

Imagine the difficulty of closing a plant that had been in operation since the 1800s and encouraging leadership to transition to contract manufacturing. What motivated the decision? How did J&J move from being skeptical and doubtful to very positive and ready for a transition?

Listen to Brian detail the events leading up to this significant event in J&J history.

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Lauren Wilson