F4SS Connect 2019

Digital Imperative: Dealing with the Disruption Cycle
Keynote Speaker: Dr. James A. Tompkins, Chairman and CEO of Tomkins International and Monarch Fx

Dr. Tompkins has continued his extensive research into The New Era of Retail, and now takes it to another level in explaining the digital imperative that all organizations must understand in order to succeed. Dr. Tompkins addresses:

  1. What is the digital imperative?
  2. What is the disruption cycle?
  3. How grasping uncertainty, speed, and reinvention will ease your disruption cycle journey?
  4. How to empower your organization to deal with the disruption cycle, uncertainty, speed, and reinvention?
  5. How can you follow the disruption cycle to change the world?

In order for supply chain organizations to evolve to the next generation supply chain they need to understand the answers to these five questions and have the ability to address them.

“The future for supply chain organizations is awesome. There has never been the level of opportunity for supply chain organizations as there is today. The key to success is to build your resilience and vitality, allowing focus to enhance your ability to address the uncertainty, speed, and reinvention of the disruption cycle,” states Dr. Tompkins.

Dr. Tompkins is a dynamic speaker.  Click here to view his talk on Creating Competitive Advantage with Innovation and Disruption.

When “Good Enough” isn’t Really Good Enough – Solving Inventory Issues using Big Data
Speaker: Curtis Hedin, Director of Analytics, Jacobs Marketing

Data is the future of retail. Manufacturers and retailers need to be going deeper and wider into data to gain a true picture of their item performance and opportunities. Despite this, many manufacturers and retailers aren’t using data to their full advantage, focusing on top level sales to determine their sales performance or focusing on sell through rates to evaluate inventory levels. Jacobs uses a different approach to retail analytics that looks at the lowest level of brand detail and integrates it with Big Data to help large and small manufacturers position the right inventory, in the right stores, at the right time.

  • Learn why data and analytics are becoming even more important because of retail complexity and shopper expectations
  • Discover how to go deeper and wider on data to improve inventory allocation and placement
  • Leverage a new approach to retail analytics that focuses on translating questions into actionable information

Keys to Driving Successful Supplier Innovation with Mars and Ready Roast
Speaker: Molly Louthan, Managing Director, North America, State of Flux

Everyone wants new ideas, but few companies know how to find, review, and execute to drive new value.  In this session, you will learn how to capitalize on your relationships with your supplier to help drive innovation.  Molly will also present a case study on innovation from Mars and one of their suppliers, Ready Roast. You will also learn practical tips to help drive the process.  Molly Louthan, Managing Director of State of Flux, conducts annual research into supplier management and develops innovation processes for global organizations.

The impacts of the Supply and Demand for Talent
Speaker: John Thomas, Professional Staffing Field Consultant, Express Employment Professionals International Headquarters

In today’s market the impacts on the businesses to manage the limited supply of talent and the demand for skilled workers is causing disruptions in the workplace.

In this session we will review the current market conditions and the impact on your business. Learn how to position yourself to be an employer of choice by making changes in your hiring process. We will discuss the steps to and creating culture to retain talent. Understanding how to selecting the right staffing firm to partner with and engage with in hiring contingent workers is key to keeping your operation running at high productivity. We will discuss ways to make the most out of your relationship with staffing companies.