F4SS Fall Connect 2019

Supply Chain Resilience
Speaker: Neil Coole, Food & Retail Supply Chain Director, BSI Americas

As supply chain networks increasingly span continents and become more complex, the ability to quantify and mitigate supply chain risks throughout the procurement, manufacturing, transportation and sales lifecycle is paramount. Organizations need to identify the critical risks to minimize disruption and help protect global operational, financial and reputational exposures. Please join our partners from BSI to learn more about the solutions available to proactively identify supply chain risks and mitigate impacts to your consumers, products and brands moving forward.

How Do We Enable the Internet of Things?
Speaker: Jo Anna Stewart, Director, Business Analysis and Program Management, Corporate Development, GS1 US

Consumer Internet of Things, or C-IoT, is about facilitating rich, ongoing experiences between a consumer, his/her products, the brand, and the retailer, and connecting those products with data and services via the Internet, far beyond the point of sale. In the near future, this increased connectivity will facilitate unprecedented automation, visibility, and access to services. This session will explore how pilot efforts by GS1 are demonstrating the importance of a web-resolvable identity to enable the Internet of Things. During this session you will:

  • Take a deep dive into completed research on practical applications that reinforce the importance of identifying, capturing, and sharing data in a standardized fashion
  • Discover how GS1 Digital Link, a standard for web-resolvable product identity, complements the traditional, ubiquitous GS1 barcode and is paving the way for a new frontier of connected products
  • Learn more about bridging the physical and digital worlds of products through unique, resolvable identity

Digital Disruption in the Supply Chain
Speakers: Omer Abdullah, Co-Founder and Managing Director, The Smart Cube and Ashish Rastogi, Vice President, Client Solutions, The Smart Cube


  • Provide detailed landscape of recent digital disruptions, including big data analytics and Blockchain, across different facets of Supply Chain
  • Discuss key entities/industries that are early adopters and/or have leveraged such disruptions to leap forward in their Digital Agenda
  • Uncover tangible business impact of such disruptions for enhancing productivity and visibility
  • Understand how such disruptions are also helping achieve agenda toward better Trace-ability/Sustainability/Transparency/Safety
  • Lastly, discuss key best practices/challenges in deploying such digital disruptions in Supply Chain(s)