F4SS/Nulogy: Interactive Workshop: Rethink, Retool, Reinvent – Deepening Collaboration to Increase Responsiveness & Improve OTIF – 3/25/21

Presented by: Hank Canitz, Vice President of Industry Solutions, Nulogy

Supply chains worldwide have suffered severe shocks throughout the past year, and have had to make difficult changes to their businesses and operations in order to adapt. After a year of navigating one major disruption after another, one thing has become clear: the velocity of change is accelerating, and CPG supply chains need to ensure they are responsive and resilient enough to withstand whatever the future holds.

The 2021 Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Planning Report states that “inaccurate forecasting is contributing to increased costs in planning processes with 17% of organizations feeling that planning is often at odds with possible execution.”

Faced with increasing demand and supply variability, as well as unreliable forecasting and demand planning, CPGs are turning to operational agility as the best way to future-proof their supply chains against marketplace volatility.

In this session, we explore the untapped potential of your external supply chain network to enable the agility and resilience you need to be responsive to market shifts and improve your ability to fulfill on-time, in-full.

In this 60-minute interactive workshop, we will cover:

  • How the nature of collaboration between brand and external supplier has evolved since COVID-19.
  • Key wins by industry practitioners from working together under the unprecedented conditions of the past year.
  • The biggest challenges and bottlenecks that need to be overcome to develop more collaborative relationships.
  • How real-time information sharing within the ecosystem supports better and faster responses to unexpected changes in supply and demand.