Foster Opportunity Makers With Mutuality Mindsets

Have you ever wondered how you can become more deeply connected, widely quoted within an organization of any kind, and as an individual?

Forbes columnist and Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist, Kare Anderson says that you must develop a mutuality mindset and become an opportunity maker.

“Like many of you, I passionately believe that we can live happier and higher-performing lives with others when we enable others to use their best talents together, more often,“ says Forbes columnist and Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC journalist, Kare Anderson.

So how do we do that with our strategic sourcing colleagues and employees? Isn’t her belief overstepping the boundaries of work and relationships?

“Not really”, says Anderson. “We have to develop and foster a mutuality mindset for success today. And it probably matters more than your smarts, money, title or contacts in this increasingly complex yet connected world”, she adds.

So exactly what is a mutuality mindset? And why would strategic sourcing professionals need to adopt and foster it?

A mutuality mindset starts with a deep understanding of what it means to be inherently social creatures. It helps us discover new ways for our employees, colleagues and strategic sourcing professional to thrive in a social world where community, connectedness and shared purpose make all of the difference.

A mutuality mindset is more than just a belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It helps us conduct our personal and professional lives in a way with great conviction that we – each of us and all of us – will achieve more, grow more, find greater personal and professional satisfaction, and live longer, healthier lives if we genuinely value and bring out the energy, ideas, talents and experiences of others.

We embrace a Mindshift of “Look what we accomplished together” instead of “I did this, now you do that”quid-pro-quo self-serving mindset.

As a strategic sourcing professional, are you embracing how to turn more of our F4SS stakeholder situations into opportunities to connect with others around the sweet spot of shared interest? Or are you retreating to a close to the vest, scarcity mentality that this is mine now give me more mindset?

Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

For the full video of Kare Anderson’s talk on Redefining the Strategic Sourcing Industry Around Mutuality, click here.

Lauren Wilson