Manufacturing 4.0: Is Your Leadership Team Prepared

Manufacturing 4.0 is being called the next industrial revolution, and it’s promising to reshape the manufacturing landscape. Are you ready?

Some strategic sourcing executives believe that we are entering a new era: Manufacturing 4.0 (M4.0). Many have a near-universal response that M4.0 is not going to be business as usual for leaders and employees.

Some Staggering Statistics

  • 90% of respondents to the latest Manufacturing Leadership Journal survey on Next Generation Leaders state M4.0 will require a substantially different approach and skills set on the part of manufacturing leaders.
  • 82% state it will require understanding and application of a wide range of processes and functions as well as how to integrate them.
  • 82% feel that leaders must be able to manage accelerating market and technology change.
  • 81% see deficits in their current leadership ranks leading to major company vulnerabilities.
  • 75% believe leaders need effective collaborative skills to manage flatter organizations and expand their partner networks.
  • 74% state they will need to understand and apply computer-based analytics to make real-time data-driven decisions.
  • 68% feel that they will need the ability to manage more open, virtual working cultures across multiple locations.
  • 28% believe the most important challenge they will face with M4.0 is a changing culture and managing employees’ attitudes.
  • Less than one-fourth rate their employee and leadership talent management programs high.

We are witnessing first-hand the convergence of cyber-physical systems, the Internet Of Things as Scott Klososky called it, digitization and information-driven factories. Manufacturing 4.0 will require major shifts in leadership and skills.

Lauren Wilson