CI Journey Webinar Series: Roskam Baking: Standard Work, Certified Progress and SIC Huddle

Presented by Roskam Baking, August 12, 2015

CI Journey Webinar Series: Schreiber Foods: Stability, Capability and Culture Change

Presented by Derek Brzeski, Schreiber Foods, on November 11, 2015

CI Journey Webinar Series: Menasha Packaging: Perspectives & Lessons Learned Throughout Growth and Acquisitions

Presented by Eric Matthias, Menasha Packaging, on October 28, 2015

CI Journey Webinar Series: General Mills: Master Planning & Standard Work to Reduce Plant Floor Losses

Presented by Lon Freeman and Pat Murphy, General Mills, on February 18, 2016

CI Journey Webinar Series: Fresca Foods: CI Tools for Process Improvement and Creating Standard Work

Standard work is a detailed outline of the most efficient, repeatable way to produce a product at a balanced rate. During this webinar, the Fresca team will take attendees through…

CI Journey Webinar Series: Columbian Logistics Network: Change Management – Changing Minds

Improvement efforts fail when people and systems aren’t ready for them. How can you better prepare your workforce to accept the changes you suggest? Join us for the next installment…

Introduction to the Continuous Improvement Network

Presented by Al Rodrigues, General Mills and Erin Holzgen, Roskam Baking on May 2014