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COVID-19 Resource Area

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Webinars, News and Notices

Supply Chain on the Frontline | COVID-19 Best Practices Bi-Weekly Forum
Upcoming Meeting:

June 9: Meeting information
Co-Sponsored with the Contract Packaging Association, the agenda includes: Pandemic Preparedness Panel Discussion featuring Meha Varier and Michelle Morton of Nulogy, and others.

Previous Meeting Recordings:

May 27 Weekly Forum Recording – State by State Re-opening Guides
Meeting Resources: COVID-19 Re-opening Guide, State’s Phased Re-opening Plans by Start Date.

May 19 Weekly Forum Recording – Virtual Audits featuring Jennifer Lott, SGS North America and state of trucking by Ryan Schreiber, Carrier Direct

May  13: Weekly Forum Recording– CBD Update: Nich Wilson, KNDLabs; Pandemic Preparedness: Meha Varier and Michelle Morton, Nulogy; Testing overview

May 6: Weekly Forum Recording
Meeting Resources: Presentation slides, BSI State of Pandemic Brochure, BSI Health and Safety Brochure, Guide to Returning to Work Post COVID-19.

April 22: Weekly Forum Recording

April 15: Weekly Forum Recording

April 8:  Weekly Forum Recording

April 1:  Weekly Forum Recording


May 27 – BSI:Learn About Remote Auditing

Transportation and Logistics

Limiting Contact and Sanitation:

Both TruckeredIn and Vector apps have recently released features to help digitize check in and document share to limit contact to outside parties and drive efficiency.

ACT – Truck Disinfection March 2020

Truck Park: Drivers struggle to find safe parking, and right now the problem is worse even though there are fewer trucks on the road. TruckPark is providing discounts to waive their fees, and individuals and companies can pay for a night of parking for a specific driver, or for a driver at random.
Truck park flyer

Carrier Direct is Seeking Partnership with two initiatives in Dealing with Uncertain Labor Management:  
  1. Dynamic Appointments: For the development of a dynamic appointment scheduling platform. This is taking the visibility tools they are already using to the next level, to dynamically understand inbound and outbound truck arrivals in real time, to reduce dwell time, and maximize labor efficiency.
  2. Visibility Insights:  This is a little more basic, and is more granular data on shipping flows, dwell times, which allows companies to understand bottle necks and overages of labor.
    If interested in either initiative, please email us at

Risk Management


State of Pandemic: A Guide to Partnering with BSI to Mitigate Risk

BSI Health and Safety Brochure

Risk Management and Business Continuity:  A series of guidelines, furnished by BSI, including:

Continuity and Resilience

  • PD CEN/TS 17091:2018 Crisis management: Building a strategic capability
  • BS EN ISO 22301:2019  Business continuity management systems — Requirements
  • BS EN ISO 22313:2020 Business continuity management systems. Guidance on the use of ISO 22301
  • ISO/TS 22318:2015 Guidelines for supply chain continuity
  • ISO 22316:2017 Organizational resilience. Principles and attributes.

Risk Management

  • BS ISO 31000:2018 Risk management — Guidelines
  • BS 31100:2011 Risk management – Code of practice and guidance for the implementation of BS ISO 31000

Community Resilience

  • BS ISO 22319:2017 Community resilience – Guidelines for planning the involvement of spontaneous volunteers
  • BS ISO 22330:2018 Guidelines for people aspects of business continuity
  • BS ISO 22395:2018 Community resilience. Guidelines for supporting vulnerable persons in an emergency

Emergency Management

  • BS ISO 22320:2018 Emergency management. Guidelines for incident management

Masks and PPE

Dave Preikszas, Clorox:  If masks are in shortage, there is information on the internet about the possibility of disinfecting and re-using masks.  For example, some companies are collecting masks, putting them bulk into boxes, and then sending them to a sterilization contractor such as Sterigenics or Steris.  Each company would need to figure this out for themselves.  Here is an example article:

Information on decontamination compatible N95 or N95-equivalent respirators from Steris.

Hershey’s rules on personal masks and inspection:

Proper PPE Sequencing from the CDC

OSHA Enforcement Discretion Memo: Shortage of Respiratory Protection

OSHA Enforcement Discretion Memo: Respiratory Protection Fit-Testing



Article: U.S. Civil Rights Agency Says Employers Can Test Workers for COVID-19- Reuters April 23, 2020

Testing guidelines – CDC:

General testing information:

Temperature checks for testing:

A Guide to Employee Temperature Checks (SHRM):

OSHA Resources

The USDOL/OSHA and the CDC/NIOSH have several short videos available on YouTube which provide information on a variety of topics which can be used as training tools as part of your COVID-19 training efforts.  Topics include respirators, respiratory protection, donning and doffing PPE, and the difference between respirators and surgical masks.

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19  – Updated 5/20

OSH Press Release: U.S. Department of Labor Publishes 11 New Translations of OSHA Poster To Help Prevent Workplace Coronavirus Exposure. The press release contains links to the posters in all languages.

OSHA has issued a Memorandum on Discretion in Enforcement when Considering an Employer’s Good Faith Efforts During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic, which will take effect immediately and remain in effect until further notice. OSHA understands that some employers may face difficulties complying with OSHA standards due to the ongoing health emergency.  Widespread business closures, restrictions on travel, limitations on group sizes, facility visitor prohibitions, and stay-at-home or shelter-in-place requirements may limit the availability of employees, consultants, or contractors who normally provide training, auditing, equipment inspections, testing, and other essential safety and industrial hygiene services.  During the course of an inspection, OSHA Area Offices will assess an employer’s efforts to comply with standards that require annual or recurring audits, reviews, training, or assessments, and evaluate whether the employer has made good faith efforts to comply with applicable OSHA standards and, in situations where compliance was not possible, to ensure that employees were not exposed to hazards from tasks, processes, or equipment for which they were not prepared or trained.  This guidance is intended to be time-limited to the current public health crisis.

 OSHA and CDC Guidance for Manufacturing Employers and Employees.  

Publications on COIVD-19 as well as additional safety and health subjects on the OSHA publication web page:

Other OSHA resources:

CDC Web Page:  Resources for Business and Employers

Small Business Relief and Assistance


Workspace Partitions

Floor markings and physical barriers at Hershey’s:

Social distancing at Hershey’s:

Virtual Audits

Immersive Technology Systems from BSI: Information on virtual audits, training and consulting services.

Article:  Remote Audits – How to Prepare

Pandemic Recovery

National Guidelines to Reopen:

NEW*  COVID-19 Re-opening Guide

NEW*  State’s Phased Re-opening Plans by Start Date

CDC- Guidance for Reopening Buildings After Prolonged Shutdown or Reduced Operation

BSI Virtual Town Hall: EHS Strategies for Post Pandemic Recovery

Guide to Returning to Work Post COVID-19


Industrial Hygiene and Other Resources

NEW* The 5 Books Bill Gates Says You Should Read in the Pandemic Summer

NEW* COVID 19 Manufacturing Best Practices – Ohio

Work from Home tips:

CDC Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting

Pennsylvania Department of Health Public Health Safety Measures for Business: Includes information on temperature screening, masks, communicating in multiple languages, and much more.  PA EO Worker Safety protocols essential services 4-15-20

Industrial Hygiene Best Practices:  Articles, white papers and questionnaire, furnished by BSI

OSHA | CDC Meat and Poultry Processing Guidance: relevant information for any industry.

Employee Handbook and Poster Examples: Compliments of Kerry Corporation.

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