F4SS Business Mediation Network Program

The Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS) has teamed with Business Mediation Network (BMN) to provide members with easy access to mediation services that can be used instead of litigation to resolve a wide range of business disputes.

Detailed information regarding the mediation program can be found on the F4SS Business Conflict Forum® Page posted on the BMN website.

Mediation allows parties in conflict to use the services of a neutral mediator who assists in facilitating negotiations but leaves the decision to settle and the terms of any settlement to the parties.  The F4SS will participate in BMN’s Business Conflict Forum® program that features mediators who have substantial business experience and offers a quick and convenient mediation process:

Dispute Submission
Any F4SS member, or those referred by members, can submit a business-related dispute to the Business Conflict Forum® using the F4SS/BCF Submission Form available for download on the F4SS Business Conflict Forum® Page.

Mediator Selection
Parties choose a mediator from BMN’s Mediator Roster, where mediators can be selected based upon personal expertise and industry experience and where additional background information is available on each mediator.

Process, Scheduling, Fees
The Business Conflict Forum® provides for a streamlined and balanced process that guides the parties through any pre-conference issues and the scheduling of the actual mediation conference, usually within a few weeks of submission.  As part of the F4SS mediation program, BMN’s normal Submission Fees are waived for F4SS members and referrals.  The fixed daily mediator fees are billed directly by BMN and are divided equally unless the parties agree otherwise.

Mediator Training 
Business Mediation Network will be training people with CPG industry experience to become mediators, including retirees from F4SS members.  Anyone interested in serving as a mediator should visit the F4SS Business Conflict Forum® Page or contact BMN for information on mediator qualifications and training.

For additional information on the Business Conflict Forum®, contact [email protected].

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