Join an Initiative Team!

The F4SS Initiative Teams support the mission of F4SS. Our member-led teams offer a unique opportunity to engage and collaborate with industry experts, share best practices, and find solutions to perplexing issues facing the strategic sourcing industry.

As a team member, you help set forth the team’s agenda. This approach provides the transparency and collaboration required to develop industry-wide standards and best practices.

Most of all, your involvement helps produce tools & resources available to all members in the member area of the website. This includes standardized tools to help define relationships, address slow moving and obsolete inventory, improve quality and implement the systems needed to execute orders.

As a result of our members’ participation, we now have a substantial library of tools & resources that have resulted in significant savings and improved efficiency for many organizations.

To quote a former F4SS Chair, “you get out of the F4SS what you put in.”

Participation in the initiative teams offers a unique opportunity to work with your peers of customers and suppliers that comprise the growing list of F4SS member companies. Ultimately, you will gain exposure to new ideas, and build relationships that offer the support needed to help advance the industry as a whole!

Read below to learn more about each individual team.

Continuous Improvement Network (CI)

The Continuous Improvement Network was formed to benchmark best approaches and share strategies/methods to enable member companies in developing their CI/Lean Mfg programs. The CI Network now enables collaboration and…

Integrated Replenishment (IR)

Chartered to integrate replenishment between customers and suppliers, achieving vertical integration of forecasting, planning and execution systems in order to drive out cost and effort. (formerly CSOP)

Quality Performance Leadership (QPL)

The F4SS QPL Team will add value by driving continuous improvement in the quality assurance relationship between customers and suppliers. Specific outcomes include: Industry benchmarking, networking with quality professionals, sharing…

Sustainability (SIT)

Formed to develop and execute harmonized solutions, such as the Global Supplier Sustainability Scorecard (GSSS), to promote sustainable practices which create value throughout the CPG supply chain.

The Networking & Benchmarking Team (TNBT)

The Networking & Benchmarking team exists to enhance member value by facilitating faster, easier, and more productive networking and benchmarking between and among companies and individuals.

Trust and Collaboration (TAC)

F4SS Members have identified trust and collaboration as key requirements for value creation, mutual success and perpetuation of a thriving CPG/FMCG contract manufacturing & packaging industry. The team will develop…