Now that you’ve learned more about F4SS, we’d like to invite you to join the organization.  Our mission is to establish a forum where CPG marketers and suppliers can share best practices towards creating industry standards which will improve effectiveness and reduce supply chain costs. The business processes we have developed to date are projected to save the industry over $5 billion.

Here are a few immediate benefits you will enjoy as a member:

  • Access to the members-only area of our website, where you can find tools and procedures to help your organization establish efficient industry standard business processes.
  • Involvement in our initiative teams, where your organization can gain functional expertise.
  • Increased company awareness.

You will also gain longer-term benefits, such as:

  • Reduced costs – Through collaboration and implementation of standard processes.
  • Knowledge – Learn from thought leaders in the industry.
  • Relevance – Initiatives and conferences cover key industry issues.
  • Networking – Access to key industry players.
  • Innovation – Gain new ideas for common industry challenges.
  • Benchmarking – Compare your organization to others in the industry.

We invite you to join the leading industry in the contract manufacturing and outsourcing industry!

Tools & Resources

Get access to our members-only area which offers a variety of industry tools and resources.

Initiative Teams

Participate in F4SS initiative teams where we provide collaborative environments for innovation.

Event Access

Get exclusive access and discounted rates to major events in the CPG industry.

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Member Testimonials

Steve Weinstein

F4SS can provide many benefits, not only individually but also as a company. The networking opportunities are invaluable, as is knowledge that is shared across so many different people who are working in this group.

Tim Koers

F4SS provides a unique opportunity for people to gather in an informal setting to roll up their sleeves and really get down to business in a personal fashion. It provides a lot of value and is a great opportunity to forge the customer/supplier bond while still having fun.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are based on your organization's annual sales. Please use the detailed table below.

Annual Sales F4SS Dues
Level 1 Annual SalesLess than $10 Million F4SS Dues$3,000 USD
Level 2 Annual Sales$10-25 Million F4SS Dues$4,000 USD
Level 3 Annual Sales$25-50 Million F4SS Dues$5,000 USD
Level 4 Annual Sales$50-100 Million F4SS Dues$6,000 USD
Level 5 Annual Sales$100-500 Million F4SS Dues$7,500 USD
Level 6 Annual Sales$500M - $1 Billion F4SS Dues$9,000 USD
Level 7 Annual Sales$1-5 Billion F4SS Dues$10,500 USD
Level 8 Annual SalesOver $5 Billion F4SS Dues$12,000 USD
How are dues calculated?

While we believe the most equitable distribution would be determined by the level of sourcing, such information is not publicly available. Until such a time, segmentation will be calculated by annual sales volume (in USD) for the fiscal year ended immediately preceding the calendar year. This way, membership dues can be roughly proportional to the expected benefit to be derived.

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